Prince William has launched a five-year project to support the homeless. The project aims to reduce the number of homeless people in the UK. The project was launched on Monday. It will cover six areas of the country.

Prince William will spend 3 million pounds on this project. This money will come from the funds of his own charity ‘Royal Foundation’. William is scheduled to visit various parts of the UK yesterday and Tuesday to promote the project. At this time, he will also talk to various parties working with the homeless.

According to the Royal Foundation, more than 300,000 people in the UK are forced to live in temporary accommodation, hostels, cars and with relatives. Half of these people are children. The foundation fears that the number of homeless people in the UK could also increase in the future due to the rising cost of living.

In a statement about the project, Prince William said: ‘This is a major undertaking. But I strongly believe that by working together we can reduce the number of homeless people.’

William, 41, is the eldest son of King Charles III. He is next in line to the British throne. Already working with the homeless. According to him, he got the inspiration for this work from his mother Princess Diana. At the age of 11, he visited a homeless shelter with his mother. In addition, in the winter of 2009, William spent the night with the homeless and came to talk.

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