Everyone knows the story of Lionel Messi and Neymar’s friendship. The friendship between the two began while living in Barcelona. At PSG it is even darker.

Because of that friendship, Messi gave Neymar a gift before leaving PSG. Messi himself received the object as a gift from PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi. However, Neymar did not take care of Messi’s gift. PSG forward Neymar has used Messi’s gift to help underprivileged children.

The incident was reported by the French media “La Parisien.” Messi played his last match for PSG on June 3 against Clermont in the French League A last season.

Before this match, the president of the club Nasser Al Khelaifi gave commemorative gifts to Messi and Sergio Ramos. Messi played in PSG wearing the number 30 jersey—this jersey number was sculpted in gold and given to Messi by the president of the French club. Ramos also received a similar gift from Nasser Al Khelaifi. Played in the number 4 jersey at the club before leaving PSG.

But Messi did not keep the gift of the PSG president to himself. The gift was handed over to Neymar by friend and then club teammate. The Brazilian star has made great use of it. Neymar has his own foundation in Brazil. Neymar does various charity work from that foundation. Help the underprivileged children of the society. This is why Neymar auctioned the gift given by Messi.

The sculpture is sold at a very good price. Brazilian journalist, YouTuber and streamer Casimiro bought this sculpture for 1 lakh 58 thousand euros (about 1 crore 85 lakhs in Bangladeshi currency). Casemiro is also getting the benefit of buying this sculpture from Neymar.

Casimiro will also get a chance to have dinner with Brazilian actress Deborah Secco, in addition to staying in a luxury home for two nights free of charge.

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