‘He’s out. 40 runs.’

Kevin Pietersen was praising Joe Root’s batting in the Edgbaston Test. Ricky Ponting only said the above two sentences after his speech. Attempting to reverse scoop Pat Cummins on the first ball of the day or hitting Scott Boland for a six in the same shot, Root scored 46 off 55 balls in the second innings. Marnus Labuschran calls Root’s innings ‘unbelievable’. This Australian batsman wants England to play such aggressive cricket throughout the series. He is enjoying it very much. However, Labuschenne also sees an advantage of England’s ‘buzzball’ as an opponent.

Australia practiced today ahead of Lord’s Test starting June 28. Labuschagne said about England’s style of play and their performance in the first Test, ‘I will not lie, I enjoy the way England are playing. As a cricket viewer, I liked the previous series very much. I think it’s exciting, entertaining, great to watch. But at the end of the day, we played cricket much below the standard of our team.’

After losing by 2 wickets at Edgbaston, England have been saying that they will play more aggressive cricket at Lord’s. Jack Crawley or Ollie Robinson said that the wicket at Lord’s suits their style of play very well. Labuschagne, however, says otherwise, ‘It was to be seen how they do against our bowlers. They have shown that they can do it. But when there is a little more on the wicket at Lord’s, how about? After the first test we are leading 1-0. It’s positive for us, because I don’t think we played our best.’

Labuschagne’s point is clear, if England can be beaten without playing their best, the hosts’ situation will not be much better if they play better. Referring to Root’s batting in the second innings, Labuchen then said that it was his batting that kept Australia in the match.

“The way he is batting is fantastic,” Labuschenne said. I mean when he is batting normally, I am talking about that. He is playing really well. But from our side, his style of play and those shots kept us in the game.’

How, Labuschagne explained, ‘I’ll give the second innings as an example. He probably had an opportunity to take the match away from us completely. But the way he was playing, that kept us in the game. Played an incredible innings, but got out for 40 (46). If he could have taken the innings to 80 or more, we would have been chasing 300 runs. That was a tough job.’

That’s why Labuschagne sees England’s playing style as their own opportunity, ‘They are playing attacking cricket, he is going in a different way. This is great. But this is what creates our opportunity. Hopefully, it will come in handy at some point in the series.’

Despite a thrilling victory, Edgbaston personally went for Labuschagne in a forgettable way. After a golden duck in the first innings, the then top batsman in the ICC Test rankings returned with just 13 runs in the second innings. Twice he caught Jonny Bairstow behind the wicket off Stuart Broad. After getting out like that, a disappointed Labuschagne said, ‘The way I play, those two outs don’t really go with it. That’s why I’m so disappointed in myself. I also asked myself, “Why did I bat on those deliveries?”

He also got the answer to that question, ‘I have put up my own explanation. And to ensure that this does not happen, can I do anything in terms of strategy or technique? That being said, playing isn’t a regular occurrence for me, so I can’t worry too much about it. But I consider myself to be of a higher standard than those outs.’

Labuschenne, however, gave credit to Broad as well. Broad’s ball goes inside, but the outswing has caused danger to Labuchen despite playing from this idea. “What happened on the first ball, most of the time you’re going to miss, then you say to yourself, ‘No problem,'” Labuschagne said. You can do it right. But I have said the same about (Ravichandran) Ashwin, who takes time and does his homework, understands the game and finds out how to get a particular person out. I have a lot of respect for them. And if the time and effort they put in pays off, then they have to be credited.’

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